T.M.Z. Company Ltd., was established in 2011 by a group of investors in order to provide an exclusive, high quality solution in the tires recycling field.

We treat tires' waste as a raw material; we apply a technology that separates the tire into its different components (rubber, iron and fabric) and return each element to the appropriate industry.

The factory's machines were purchased from the Danish company, ELDAN, which has an extensive experience in designing and constructing tires' recycling plants.

All facilities follow the strictest European standards, and we work by the ISO-9001 international quality standard.  
The company is engaged in collecting, sorting, dismantling and processing tires' waste; thus, providing a solution to the scrap tires nuisance.

The company owns a fleet of various trucks that grants our customers, from all around the country, with tires collecting and recycling services.

T.M.Z. Company  has the knowledge and competence suitable to handle all types of tires; the company offers clients diverse qualified means, according to the different requirements of each organization.   

We work with tires importers and manufacturers, local authorities and public institutions, car rental agencies, recycling firms, construction companies and various other clients.



Beersheba Mayor Rubik Danilovitch in our factory:

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