Tire Recycling Process

After the tires arrive to the factory, they are uploaded onto the conveyor belt, from which they are being fed to the first crusher and then to a number of other crushers, which gradually reduce the size of the rubber granules.

Amongst the grinding stages, there are sieves, which screen the particles and return the larger ones to an additional scrunching, up until they reach the desirable size.

Moreover, the process stages include, installed magnets that capture and remove the steel parts.
All crushers and sieves are connected to an air suction pipe system, which vacuums the generated dust, as well as the textile parts that are interlaced in the tire structure. The pumped air reaches an air filter that separates the air from the rubber powder and the textile scraps. Supplemental air suction actions are performed during the rubber grinding stages.

By the end of the procedure, the tires are separated into their 3 raw materials components:

  • Rubber granules of various sizes
  • Steel wires
  • Textiles

The recycling products are packed within our factory and transported to other plants, where hundreds of different products are manufactured.